Ultimately, Agile Principles should guide you and your team through the project. Doing that means understanding the Agile Manifesto, the core values, and how the principles should apply within your team. Your team should guide the project, and managers should look to the Development Team for direction. It is a very hands-off or removed approach to management and can be hard to adopt at first. But after getting involved with the developers and seeing the power of a self-organized team, it’s easy to continue adopting Agile Methods. By now, you should have learned all the tools that you need to implement accountability and collaboration within your Agile Team. Use your experiences from working with people and leading teams to help bridge communication and help resolve conflicts. It is important that you and your team are put first. Perhaps the most vital element of Agile is that the people always remain more important than the tools, and the value of the product remains more important than the processes. If you keep these in mind and listen to your team, you should have a successful Agile Project.