Coding For Everybody

Do you want to learn to code but don’t know where to start? This course cuts through the noise and gives you a no-nonsense guide to learning and landing your first job as a software developer. Each session leaves you with actionable steps so you can get started right away. Here are the topics covered:

* How to create a learning plan
* How, when, and where to network as a software developer
* How to market yourself to look professional
* How to handle job applications and interviews
* How to land your first job in the industry

Between thousands of different learning resources out there and myriads of tools for learning to code, it can be very overwhelming for someone just starting out. 

How do I get started? 

Which resources should I use? 

What’s the best way to learn? 

When will I be ready to look for jobs? 

How can I get hired? 

There are so many questions to answer that many people waste a lot of time just studying up on learning methods and then end up giving up in frustration. In the last several years of running a local group that teaches coding skills, I’ve seen many people give up because they are overwhelmed by the amount of choices and information available. 

This course is intended to make sense of all the madness and give you a simplified step-by-step approach that you can follow to prepare for a job as a web developer or any other type of programmer. Useful resources and encouraging stories are linked from the appendices as well as sections throughout the course. I really hope you enjoy this course and find it helpful. If you have any feedback for me, please reach out.