Education & Labour Market

Pushing for a comprehensive reform of the education system

  • We ensure the continuous and active work of the ITR Education Commission, in which representatives of educational institutions and the IT&T Sectoral Council are represented.
  • We are actively putting pressure on state institutions to ensure the sustainability of the Alliance of Sectoral Councils as an essential factor in the development of employment and education policies in Romania. We are actively involved in the management of the IT&T Sectoral Board.

We test the digital skills of students and employees

  • We have launched IT Fitness Test, the largest testing of skills of students in Romania. We have already passed 3 years of testing, involving more than 100,000 people, mostly primary and secondary school students.
  • In testing, we identify the greatest shortcomings and provide results to teachers and schools to improve the teaching process.
  • We educate public in cyber security.
  • We co–organize digital skills surveys of employees in small and medium-sized businesses.

Getting the Romanian workforce ready for digital transformation

  • We are putting pressure on political structures to address the serious problem of the lack of ICT specialists in the labour market.
  • We meet the needs of ICT employers and communicate information on labour market needs to relevant government and public entities.

Cooperation with all relevant employer associations in Romania

  • We are one of the largest and strongest members of the National Union of Employers, we are also active in the Entrepreneurs Association of Romania.
  • We intensively communicate and cooperate with industry associations.

Digital Coalition

  • We have 50+ entities in the Digital Coalition - the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Occupations. Members include representatives from business, academic, state and non-profit sectors.
  • We support partnerships between schools and companies, linking the activities of the state and the private sector.
  • We motivate girls to study IT.

National project “IT Academy” partnership

  • We are improving the quality of informatics and mathematics education at primary and secondary schools and also universities.
  • We educate teachers to increase their digital skills and teach them how to use modern digital technologies.

Development of the secondary vocational education

  • We develop fields of study in secondary vocational education.
  • We cooperate with all IT secondary schools and monitor the quality of IT education.
  • We create new computer science programs for the needs of digital transformation and new professions.
  • We prepare a dual education system for IT study fields.
  • We support activities to improve the quality of mathematics education and push to reintroduce the compulsory math graduation at grammar schools and technical vocational schools.

We acquire foreign students and IT specialists for study and work in Romania

  • We have started and coordinated a successful project of joint master‘s study programs of foreign universities with the support of our members and other companies.
  • We founded the non-profit organization which helps in the acquisition of IT students in Romania.
  • Thanks to the program Work in Romania – Good Idea we help with the return of Romanian IT professionals home from abroad.

Cooperation with universities

  • We increase the attractiveness of ICT education in order to improve the professional perspectives of graduates.
  • We communicate with IT faculties of universities.
  • We motivate foreign students to study IT fields in Romania.
  • We develop IT retraining programs and projects for graduates.
  • We introduced unique, professionally oriented bachelor‘s degree programs with a full or interdisciplinary focus on computer science, information and communication technologies.
  • We fight the brain drain abroad through attractive job offers and employee benefits.