Legislation & Member Protection

Law & Regulation

  • We form, communicate and assert professional standpoints on relevant regulations and legislative standards which affect ICT industry.
  • Primary motivation of our legislative activities is taking into the account the business goals and objectives of ICT companies.
  • We organize special meetings of ITR legal experts and thematic meetings on particularly important laws, regulations or guidelines concerning the ICT sector.
  • We regularly inform our members about our legislative activities.

Activities in European legislation

  • We monitor activities in European ICT legislation, addressing topics such as ePrivacy, GDPR, but also increasingly important environmental issues and their impact on the functioning of the ICT sector.

Protection against bureaucracy and political wilfulness

  • We are a respected organization; our comments are taken with the utmost seriousness by the relevant state authorities. Therefore, we can achieve our goals in creating a transparent, non-discriminatory and nonbureaucratic market environment for our members‘ business activities.