Marketing communication and PR

Our priority is business–to–business communication

  • ITR‘ marketing activities are mainly aimed at employers, professional associations, government & state agencies and business partners.
  • We organize professional events with the possibility of networking between companies.
  • We develop partnerships and work together with major publishers and established partners to organize conferences, discussion panels or workshops.
  • We regularly inform our members about activities within ITR (newsletter, direct mailing, social media).
  • We can provide our members with special offers for marketing partnerships, invitations to conferences, professional events or external media and marketing cooperation.
  • We have introduced a new website with information about our members and news from ICT sector, we provide our members the opportunity to promote their activities and interesting projects

External communication strengthening

  • We have numerous contacts in the Romanian media, we communicate proactively and professionally.
  • We address important media topics related to the Romanian ICT sector.
  • We organize media events (press conferences, briefings, public discussion panels, etc.).
  • We prepare media, marketing and social media campaigns on specific topics and projects.
  • If necessary, we provide our members with crisis communication services and communication support.