Public Sector Digitization

eGovernment events monitoring

  • We regularly inform our members about upcoming or ongoing public hearings, feasibility studies of public IT projects and public procurements.
  • We provide regular information on the work of the committees, working groups and monitoring committees in which our experts are involved.

eGovernment strategy co–creation

  • We have been involved in the preparation, commenting and finalization of important strategic government documents.
  • We have introduced our own strategic document: Vision of eGovernment – Better Digital Romania 2020 – 2030.
  • We are preparing for the 2021 - 2027 EU Programme Period

Communication with the state

  • We represent ICT companies in negotiations with all ministries and their subordinate organizations.
  • We represent ICT companies in negotiations with nonprofit organizations, as well as in all relevant commissions.

Public procurement professionalization

  • We are active in the field of public procurement and development of important strategies; our experts have prepared several methodological documents in this area.
  • We promote best–practice solutions to improve public procurement of IT projects; we have gained political and expert support for procurement based on design competition or procurement of operating contracts.
  • We deal professionally and constructively with issues related to vendor lock–in status or copyright; we participate in the preparation of model contracts in order to improve the quality of procurement in Romania.
  • We are increasing the transparency of public procurement from the perspective of suppliers; we advocate adherence to ethical standards in the business of the IT companies with the state.
  • We bring expertise to eGovernment.
  • We discuss feasibility studies and important projects directly with specific public authorities.
  • We support the system of professional management of IT through participation in commissions and working groups to improve the coordination of the eGovernment programme.
  • We support progressive concepts like Hybrid Government Cloud, Mobile eID, etc.
  • We develop activities related to speeding up and streamlining the drawdown of European Structural Funds (from launching a project call to its approval; promoting demand–oriented projects as a new tool in the field of informatization).